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Light in Dark Places: Deconstruction


Light in Dark Places: Deconstruction

sean mcclelland

[12]  I had envisioned an elaborate marketing plan of carefully planned events that I would unleash on all of you, creating an irresistible aroma of mystery and anticipation around my new Light in Dark Places collection, the culmination of which would be an art-buying frenzy on March 1st at the Wix Lounge. Then reality set in, and I realized that my time might be better spent on, oh, I dunno, actually completing the images for the show. After almost 6 weeks of eating, sleeping, and drinking photography and Photoshop, my images are done and I’m at the mercy of my printing company. This leaves me with exactly 7 days to market this puppy. I’ll be posting once a day, every day, leading up to and including the show, starting now. So do me a favor and type your email addy in that little subscribe box to your left (or follow me on Twitter/Facebook/G+), and then join me at the show!  I’ll be providing some insight into my creative process in the next few posts, but let’s get right down to it. The answer to your “how did you do that” question is here:

(Click the HD button to watch the video at a higher resolution.)

My latest two images – one that I will unveil here in a few days, and the other which I’m keeping out of sight until the opening – are holycrap-more complex than The Watching, and took hundreds of extra hours to complete. And yet, The Watching is my personal favorite of the collection. It’s funny how that happens sometimes, isn’t it? Some artists (the pompous, annoying ones, mostly) think that it’s art blasphemy to share your techniques with the public… because “They will steal your ideas, and copy you, and dilute the market and…” [insert fart noise]. I would rather share. Trey Ratcliff created a very successful photography brand based on this notion of being free and open. And so, if you find this idea of deconstruction interesting, then tweet me, re-post me, comment or email me, and let me know, because I’d be happy to expand on it. That is all for now, thank you for stopping by, and we’ll talk again tomorrow!

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