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San Francisco, CA
United States


About Sean Gabriel

Hello, my name is Sean Gabriel and I am an event and fine art photographer currently living in San Francisco, California. 

Background: My love for photography began in my hometown of Detroit, Michigan. On the 24th of December, 2006, I received an unexpected gift from my father. It was a silver Canon Rebel XTi. After one press of the shutter I was hooked. I have had a camera clenched firmly in my hands ever since.

Technique: My photographic vision is guided by a few simple rules. (1) I strive to create images that are unique and uncommon. (2) All of the pixels that I capture are subject to abuse from an arsenal of digital darkroom weapons that I wield without remorse, including Lightroom, Photoshop and a number of filters, plug-ins and effects. And (3), I need to enjoy the process and have an interest in the subject. I photograph music, alternative performance, and light in dark places using a variety of techniques including long exposures, zoom blurs, light painting and time-lapse.

Volunteer work: I help out the San Francisco Animal Care and Control facility, providing coverage of their fundraising events. I also help to facilitate the local annual Help Portrait event, which provides free photography services to the community each holiday season. I love shooting for causes that I care about, like conservation, protection of the environment, animal rights and more. If you have an interesting project idea for me, let me know!

Misc: By day, I am a Learning Technologies Specialist at one of the nation’s leading medical schools, where I support a number of educational technologies and teach presentation design and delivery skills. I enjoy biking, soccer, electronic music, video games, chess, traveling to foreign lands, and attending alternative events in the city. I am more productive, creative, and alive at 10pm than I am at 10am. My favorite words to hear as a photographer are, “That’s cool, how did you do that?!”