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Light in Dark Places: Announcement


Light in Dark Places: Announcement

sean mcclelland

[11]  I'm very excited to report that I'll be participating in a group art show, where I'll be showing off 5 prints from my Light in Dark Places collection. The show will take place at Wix Lounge in the Mission District of San Francisco, on Friday March 1st, 2013, from 7-10pm. There will be two other artists participating, so common out and relax with us out on the patio... and did I mention the free drinks?

The theme for the show is called "Natural Talent" and it's part of Wix lounge SF's "First Friday Art Opening" series. The Wix Lounge is a cool spot in the city that hosts a number of free events and workshops for the local community. The company offers a free-to-use web site creation tool called... you guessed, it, Wix. As part of the show, I created a site with their tool, and it was surprisingly easy to use. If you're interested in quickly building a website, they are worth checking out.

It has been a while since my first gallery showing, which took place way-back-when in my hometown of Detroit. Since then, my work has evolved and oh-thank-gawd I feel like I've finally created my own, unique style of photography. Every artist wants to make a name for themselves  after all. If you've been following my work lately, you're already familiar with some of my light painting images. In this show, I'll be releasing two completely new works, and I have a few other surprises planned for the show.

Tweet me, post me, share me, comment me, it's all disco to me. Hope to see you on the 1st!

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