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Light in Dark Places: Why I do it


Light in Dark Places: Why I do it

sean mcclelland

[16]  Why do I do it? I've already admitted that the creation process is difficult for me, stressful, and even painful, so there must be a good reason, right? I get asked this question loosely, from time to time, but I don't know that I've been asked this question directly. That's probably for the better, because until recently, I wouldn't have been comfortable answering it. So, in a way, I'm writing this blog post for myself. Perhaps it's my own, selfish form of art therapy? Cool.

Q: Why do I take pictures and make photo creations?

A: I do it because it's in me. I do it because expressing myself through photography and the creative arts seems natural to me. I do it because it makes me feel good to make something that I know is 100% new and unique. I do it because most of the people that see my work, pay me compliments. I do it because I want to be known for something. I want to make a mark. I am compelled to do it by some invisible, inner force, and I don't see any reason to fight it. I love to do it. And that's… pretty much all there is to it.

Here's one more clip from the LJ Moore interview, that expands on my answer:

In my own mind, I'm only just beginning my journey as an artist and photographer (I really need to pick one, don't I… OH WAIT, can I call myself and artographer? How about illuminographer? It's tacky to name yourself, isn't it? Oh well, deal with it). I think my ambition and skill set have finally met, gone out for drinks, and are ready to make-out on the couch before the 'rents get home. If you're interested in sticking around to see what happens next, subscribe to the blog, or follow me on any of the usual suspect social media sites. Thanks for stopping by!

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