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San Francisco, CA
United States


New image: Versus


New image: Versus

sean mcclelland

[04]  When I first captured the image that would become Versus, I thought it was a failure. The smoke wasn't flowing right, and the lighting was all wrong. I should have deleted it. But I didn't. Eighteen months later, after a random idea occurred to me as I was laying awake in bed, I opened it with Photoshop and started... messing with it. What you see below is a result of this planned accident. It turned out so well, that I plan to create a series incorporating the same techniques. Stay tuned for more in this series.


[Edit, this experiment did lead to a new style and collection, shown here. And it all started when I attended a free Flickr group meeting, during which I learned to basics of smoke photography. Never miss an opportunity to learn new things!]

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